Klocked: Women with Horsepower

The desolate, alien landscape of the Bonneville Salt Flats, barren, gleaming white…in the distance, the faint, high whine of motorcycles shifting through gears…and then three woman stream into view on their roaring machines.

Designed as a feature-length documentary, Klocked: Women with Horsepower focuses on women motorcycle land speed record holders Laura Klock and her two daughters Erika and Karlee Cobb. Laura grew up in rural Wisconsin surrounded by motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Laura not only loved the freedom of riding, she loved exploring how machines worked. In 2006 Laura gained attention in the motorcycle community by setting a national land speed record of 143.659 MPH racing a customized Harley-Davidson road glide built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off TV Series. In 2008, she broke her own record with a speed of 153.906 and her young daughters joined her quest for speed. In 2008 the three became the first mother, daughter, daughter trio in land speed racing history to set records at the same time. That year Laura’s daughter Karlee was named the youngest racer to set a record on the Salt, as she was only 14 years old. The trio has been setting records ever since and have been named some of the most influential women in land speed racing.

Through moving and candid interviews Klocked: Women with Horsepower takes us into the lives of Laura Klock and her two daughters Erika and Karlee Cobb. This story reveals the strength of their mother, daughter, daughter relationship, the love, and rivalry between two sisters and explores Laura’s non-profit dedicated to helping at-risk youth called Helping with Horsepower.

Driven to Ride

Since the 1870’s women have been Driven to Ride… Two-wheeled vehicles gave women a first real taste of the wild thrill found in unfettered mobility. Victorian Age corsets and billowing skirts were set aside as riding unleashed the power hidden within and the freedom to give that power pursuit.

Driven to Ride is a documentary that explores the unstoppable spirit and diversity of women motorcycle riders. Riders featured in the documentary include Betsy Huelskamp, Erin Doherty-Ratay, Masyn Moyer, Janice Ferrante, Debra Conroy and Julie Graff.

Betsy Huelskamp is a personal trainer, photographer and journalist. Betsy has been featured in Discovery Channel’s Motorcycle Women, National Geographic’s Hell on Wheels and TLC’s faking it. Betsy rides over 5,000 miles per year on her custom Harley-Davidson chopper.

Erin Doherty-Ratay is known for her Around-the-World tour with her husband Chris Ratay. Their adventure on two BMW motorcycles took more than four years (1999-2003) and covered 50 countries on six continents, while riding 101,322 miles. At the end of their journey, Erin and Chris discovered they had nearly doubled the record for Longest Motorcycle Ride (Team) and broke the Guinness World Records®.

Masyn Moyer is a free-spirited custom Harley-Davison chopper rider and an entrepreneur. Masyn grew up driving tractors and snowmobiles on her grandfather’s farm in Minnesota. Instead of receiving a horse for her 10th birthday present, she received a 50CC dirt bike… the rest is history. Janice Ferrante rides a BMW 650 GS and lives for off-road riding adventure. When the pavement ends… she begins her ride.

Debra Conroy rides a BMW 1100 S and she thrives on long distance riding. She has been known to attempt to ride 50 Colorado mountain passes in 3 days.

Julie Graff is a custom chopper builder and Julie was born to ride. Both her mother and father are avid vintage Harley Davidson riders and collectors. Julie began to ride at the young age of four and remembers being dropped off at preschool on her mother’s 1969 Harley Davidson Sportster.

Women continue to shape and push the boundaries of two-wheeled freedom. The call of the road stirs in their blood. A call they answer down a thousand Interstates, and black-tops, and dusty country roads. Highways and byways that sail past in the raw sweep of wide-open spaces. Women climb aboard and tear off — embracing the wild exhilaration of acceleration… Driven to Ride.

Above the Ashes

Above the Ashes is an award-winning documentary that reveals untold heroes, the strength of mountain communities and the devastation caused by the catastrophic Fourmile fire.
 Above the Ashes documents the Fourmile fire through the eyes of Sunshine residents who joined together to fight the fire, taking action and saving numerous homes in the Sunshine community. Using haunting visuals Above the Ashes reveals tales of bravery, family, friends, loss and the rebuilding of a community. A longtime Boulder resident Michelle Bauer Carpenter and her family live in the historic mining town site of Sunshine located in the Fourmile fire burn area. “The losses our friends suffered are absolutely heartbreaking. Over half of the homes in our neighborhood were lost to the fire. As soon as we were allowed home I began documenting the devastation”.

Above the Ashes was directed, produced and edited by video artist Michelle Bauer Carpenter, presently assistant professor in Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media. Above the Ashes features an original score by Brandon Vaccaro and closes with the musical piece Smoke and Tears composed by longtime Sunshine resident and nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Rebecca Folsom. The piece features a haunting 5.1 surround sound mix by sound editor and re-recording mixer David Bondelevitch, MPSE, CAS.

Above the Ashes was awarded two Heartland Chapter Emmy Awards in the categories of best topical documentary and best program editing. The Heartland Chapter is a chapter in the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and the Emmy Award represents the best in the television industry. The entries were judged by seven chapters from across the county and included San Francisco/Northern California, Miami/Suncoast, Chicago, Michigan, Lone Star, Mid Atlantic, and the Rocky Mountain Southwest chapters.